Spicy Thai Chicken Stirfry

Tonight was one of those nights where I just needed spice. I had already taken out some chicken breast, so I just had to think of a creative way to have some spicy chicken. Looking in my fridge, I noticed some left-over quinoa and I thought, perfect, I will make a delicious and vegetably (new word!) chicken Stirfry. Thai flavours were a given, since that’s the cuisine I automatically think of when I’m thinking spicy. My liquid aminos, fish sauce, mirin and red pepper flakes were the fundamentals for this spicy sauce that will coat the chicken and veggies beautifully.

I decided to toast some cashews  right at the end for some added texture and crunch. Some of my favourite vegetables to add to stir frys are water chestnuts and baby corns, mmmm! Best part? The baby LOVED it! I just made her plate without any red pepper flakes. And also, Vegetable Hater had seconds!! Can you believe it? With all the veggies. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of a new nickname…

Click here for the recipe!

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