Slow-cooked Ribs

I’m all for trial and error and for using different methods on the same recipe to see what happens. Usually when I prepare ribs in the slow-cooker, I throw them in raw and once they’re done, I broil them to get them nice and crispy. Well today, I decided to try the opposite! I baked these ribs for total of 30 minutes to get them nice and browned and then I slow-cooked for the usual 8 hours. I just say, u didn’t really notice that much of a difference! 

They were still moist and fall off the bone, perhaps the only change was that they didn’t crisp up like they do when I broil them last. Which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your preference. Personally, I like the little crunchy bits, so I think next time I will be going back to my old ways. 

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