Feel Better Smoothie (Carrot & Ginger)

Do you ever wake up and feel like you need about 5 more hours of sleep? That is me today and coupled with a bit of nausea, I need a remedy asap! We all know that ginger has amazing healing properties for a lot of symptoms, including queasiness. But I’m not just going to pop a can of gingerale open, we need the good stuff! Thankfully,  I always keep a knob of ginger in my freezer so that I can add it to stir frys, marinades and today, my breakfast smoothie! Simply grab a microplaner and add it to whatever you wish.

Ginger is a very potent flavour, so balancing with some sweet fruits is a must. I added some fresh pineapple, a banana, half a squeezed lemon and rounded it out with some carrot juice. Don’t worry, you don’t taste the carrot at all. It’s just another ingredient to help my body win this battle. The end result is a deliciously smooth smoothie (haha) with an amazing fresh fruit flavour. It brings me back to mornings in St. Lucia with their delicious fresh squeezed juices. Yum!

Click here for the recipe!

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