Herb and Cheese Crackers 

As I was preparing tonight’s dinner (roasted vegetable soup) I reminisced about a time when I would crumble up some crackers into my soup and enjoy the crunchiness along with the hot soup. Then I thought, I’m sure I can still get the same effect somehow…

I remembered a few weeks ago when I made a tart crust. The dough was super simple to make and it was quick to bake. The thinnest areas of the tart were nice and crunchy, so why can I not adapt that recipe to create some herbaceously savoury crackers? Challenge accepted! With just a few tweaks, I created a dough that had parmesan and herbs sprinkled throughout along with lots of salt and pepper. I watched it while it baked, so I could tell when it was done and all it took was 15 minutes!

I couldn’t even wait for them to cool, I was so curious as to how they would taste! All I’m going to say is wow! They were delightfully crispy and very flavourful. The only thing I will change for next time, will be to roll them out even thinner so that they are even crispier. Mm-mmm, this recipe is so easy, you need to try it now!

Click here for the recipe!

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