Spicy Edamame Salad

As you all know, I have a love for salad that runs deep. I also am forever on the quest to reinvent the salad into innovative new recipes. Last week, I created a delicious southwestern corn salad and a versatile six-bean salad and this week I decided to create something a little more out of the box; an edamame salad. Usually, I reserve my edamame consumption to my favourite Japanese-Thai restaurant where I enjoy it as an appetizer. In this case, it comes warm and still in its pods, so not only is it tasty but it is also fun to eat. Side note- do not eat the extremely fibrous pods! However, during this weeks shopping excursion, I spotted some frozen out-of-the-pod edamame that I just had to try!

Turned out to be a quick and tasty lunch! To compose the salad, I basically looked in my fridge for complimentary flavours such as red onions, peppers and cucumber. I wanted to keep the dish light and fresh so I added some fresh dill and made a quick and spicy jalapeño and citrus vinaigrette. Yum, definitely a winning dish and filling enough to constitute a whole meal.

Have you tried cooking with edamame? What are some of your favourite dishes?

Click here for the recipe!

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