Southwestern Corn Salad

I am a salad fanatic! I know that may be hard to believe since the bulk of my posts revolve around meat but let me tell you, if I wasn’t married to a Vegetable Hater, I would be eating salads as meals more than half the week! Unfortunately, my salad-as-a-meal is relegated to lunches and dinners when Vegetable Hater is not around because there is no way that I am preparing two separate meals for the both of us. This leads to a funny feeling that I am actually getting a treat when i get to make a fresh and crispy salad.

Like today, I got to make this wonderfully fresh and zesty southern corn salad with a very light citrus dressing. Roasting the corn and red peppers added an almost smoky depth of flavour for a more savoury balance. The best part is that I only used about half the can of black beans which makes me kind of want to start preparing a three-bean salad for later 🙂 I will keep you posted! Pun intended.

Click here for the recipe!

4 thoughts on “Southwestern Corn Salad

  1. this looks amazing!! I love salads too and since going paleo, I’m trying to eat a lot more of them even for breakfast. I’m looking to expand my repertoire as it’s kinda getting boring (haha). I may try this as I love southwest anything. The roasted red peppers sound delish, too. Thanks for sharing!


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