Beef Stew and Cheddar Biscuits

I just realized that it’s a month until spring. Wow and I am still yet to cook a stew or chili this winter. I guess it’s because of the mild weather we have been having, so I better hurry up and use my cold weather recipes before spring comes! I just looovvve beef stew. It makes me reminisce of those winter days, coming home from school and smelling that rich and delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. I loved when my mom cooked beef stew and no matter how hard I try, I can never get it to taste as wonderful as hers.

I come pretty close to matching it though. I think it may be the absence of red wine and carbs that I am missing, haha. But this version is still mouthwatering, especially when paired with the scrumptious cheddar biscuits. Oh boy, I’m making myself hungry again…

Click here for the stew recipe

Click here for the biscuit recipe

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