Egg and Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Doesn’t this breakfast sandwich look beautiful? Well, be glad that you didn’t see my first attempt at breakfast this morning. I originally wanted to make a delicious egg in the hole inside a sausage patty but that  definitely did not work out 😭 Let me preface by saying that it was the first time I had ever attempted any type of egg in the hole and also that it is very difficult to flip the sausage and egg mixture together. I digress, this post is about the successful aspect of my morning which was the breakfast sandwich.

After giving my egg in the hole scraps to my dog, I decided it may be easier to fashion a sandwich with two perfectly round eggs and one sausage patty in the middle. Now that was a little more simpler. All I needed was one of those teeny tiny frying pans which, until now, I thought was a waste of space. But lo and behold, it actually serves a purpose!

The tiny frying pan made is very easy to create uniform eggs which is important if you want to have a perfect presentation. If that isn’t your prerogative, you can definitely fry two eggs normally and sandwich the sausage in between, I works! I seasoned my sausage with salt and pepper and some diced scallions for some extra flavour and fashioned them into patties that would fit nicely between the eggs. That’s it, pretty simple and very delicious.

Click here for the recipe!

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