Thrice-cooked Slow-cooker Ribs with a Blueberry BBQ Sauce and Spicy Avocado Black Bean Salad

I am always striving to improve my slow-cooker techniques, especially when it comes to the ribs. Ribs are one of my favourite proteins and I find it difficult to emulate the crispy yet tender succulent ribs that I receive at my favourite BBQ restaurants. I thought I had it solved when I tried broiling the ribs in the oven after they were finished slow-cooking. Although this did help to achieve some sort of “char” effect, I found it did not produce the texture that I was looking for. That is when I decided to also cook the ribs prior to slow-cooking. This allowed the rub to really penetrate the ribs before they got into the liquid of the slow cooker- success! I am a  sucker for anything sweet, so the addition of blueberries into my favourite bbq sauce was a definite winner.

I paired this with a spicy black bean and avocado salad which created the right contrasting freshness and crispness to compliment the ribs. It was also very easy to throw together 🙂

Click here for the recipe!


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