Breaded Porkchops with Homemade Apple Sauce

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it takes food being on the verge of spoiling for me to make certain items. Banana bread is a great example and, as demonstrated tonight, apple sauce. I don’t know why I purchase so much fruit each week, it seems like I’m always scrambling to use it up before to goes bad. Which of course is a good thing because it forces me to get creative. Or, if I’m feeling extra lazy, I will just throw it in the pig-food bucket. I don’t ever feel bad because when I supplement the pigs diet with fruit and vegetable scraps, it only guarantees tastey pork for us. Win win! 😬👍🏻

Well tonight the pigs lost as I decided to use up the apples in my fruit bowl to make some delicious apple sauce. I actually made two batches; one with cinnamon and honey for myself and Vegetable Hater and then one plain batch for the baby. Talk about multi-tasking! Now that I had apple sauce, it inspired me to bake some delicious breaded pork chops that could be generously dipped into it. Yum! I included some Cajun spice in the breading and the apple sauce worked perfectly to cool it down.

Click here for the recipe!

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