Three Cheese Jalepeno Popper Chicken

Oh my gosh, I just love jalepeno poppers. Especially when you order them from a really bad sports bar and they are super greasy and oozing with cheese and you dip them in a cooling sour cream mmmmm. Sadly, those days are over but I have moved on to bigger and better (healthier) things! Now I spend my life trying to paleoize my old favourites so that I have some semblance of a flavourful diet. Luckily for me, being Paleo allows many opportunites to be creative while maintaining smart eating habits.

As you can probably tell today, I had a craving for jalepeno poppers. Since I didn’t have any fresh jalapeños, I had to rethink the entire vessel. Chicken was an obvious thought, since you can stuff a breast with pretty much anything. I decided to dice the jalapeños and add cream cheese and mozzarella to the mix. Oh, I called these three cheese didn’t I? Well, good thing I mixed Parmesan with the almond flour for the breading or else I would be a liar 😝 The chicken turned out wonderfully, with just enough heat to create some interest but not so much to take over the dish. I paired the chicken with a fresh and cooling salad and it was a hit! Craving is definitely satiated, until next time…

Click here for the recipe! 

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