Fruit Salad with a Honey-vanilla Citrus Dressing 

Well I’ve been so busy this morning that I skipped breakfast all together. It’s a pretty usual occurrence I must say, usually I just rely on a few cups of coffee to keep me going until lunchtime. I’m not one of those firm believers that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. On the contrary, I feel like lunch and dinner are the time ashore I have the biggest appetite and I actually enjoy these foods much more than breakfast. With bacon being the one exception of course 😝

Anyways, I was getting ready to prepare a big lunch for myself when the Vegetable Hater walked in. He had a request for a fruit salad for lunch. How surprising! Usually he will have a wrap of some sort but I guess his early morning jaunt to the gym had him inspired and who was I to shut that down? Luckily, we had a bountiful amount of fruit in the fridge. A frequent occurrence since I started making baby food. I de died to throw everything in. Even grapefruit, which I know he isn’t really a fan of but since I was satursting the salad with a sweet dressing I felt that he wouldn’t necessarily notice the bitterness. Correct again! The honey-vanilla citrus dressing was exactly what I wanted to tie the whole salad together and to impart some extra sweet flavour and depth. The best part? It actually filled me up, so now I am set until dinner time… well, perhaps just one more coffee 😬👍🏻

Click here for the recipe

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