Lemon-basil Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries and a Curry Mayo Dipping Sauce 

Thighs and fries, ohhhh yeah! I’ve been waiting to write that ever since I started cooking haha it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? This meal was a little bit more involved but totally worth it! I finally learned a new method of cooking these sweet potato fries and they turned out quite well.

Chicken thighs are one of the cheapest proteins that you can buy and I just love how flavourful the dark meat is. Although I usually prepare them in the slow-cooker, tonight I decided to try for crispy skin by frying and then baking. What a great idea that turned out to be. The fresh lemon slices and basil were perfect accompaniments to impart some bright flavours into the chicken. I decided to pair it with sweet potato fries so that I could write thighs and fries, haha just kidding. It has been a while since I prepared these fries and I really amped it up this time with some seasoning and a delicious curry mayonnaise. Mmm-mm, you have to try this recipe!!

Click here for the recipe!

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