Fresh Basil and Goat Cheese Scramble

Ah yes, yet another omlette attempt turned scrambled eggs. I’m not sure why an omlette works only sometimes… anyone have any tips? Meh, no biggie, it ends up tasting the same anyhow. I bought a huge pack of fresh basil the other day, so I have been trying to use it up before it expires. Let me tell you, basil is a pretty versatile herb, you can use it it almost every dish- even desserts! Maybe I will experiment with that one a little later 🙂

I thought that goat cheese and mushrooms would be the perfect compliment to the basil and it turned out very aromatic and flavourful. Unfortunately, I noticed my bacon was expired (unbelievable I know, but it’s only because we were away on vacation) so I had to improvise. You know breakfast isn’t complete without a meat! What a slogan, Hahha. So I fried up some kielbasa, mmmm-mmm, perfect!  


Click here for the recipe! 

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