Famous Greek Salad

I have been trying so hard to emulate a salad dressing that I LOVE from this one Greek restaurant. After many attempts, my friend told me that they sell it for 4$ a container and that I should just go buy it. But we all know that that’s not my style! I had to persevere until I found the firmly guarded family secret. And by persevere, I mean make a Facebook status begging for advice hahah. Well, good thing I live in a small town because a friend who had a friend that worked in that restaurant happened to spill the beans. The secret was…. mayonnaise!! I should have known. I think mayo is the answer to most of life’s questions. Bacon is the answer to the rest, in case you were wondering.

Anyways, this recipe is relatively simple now that I have played around with the ingredients. The only bummer is that like all of my recipes, there are no measurements, since I just eyeball and taste until it’s perfect. Therefore, you will need to experiment to find your favourite combination. But hey, that’s the fun part! 😝

Click here for the recipe! 

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