Grilled Cheese with Bacon 

Today I had an inexplicable craving for grilled cheese. I must have fell asleep with the food network on again. I bet if I would have had bread in the house I would have made one but thank god I disallowed bread years ago. Since a grilled cheese wrap sounded rather disgusting, I had to think outside of the box in order to create a Paleo option. I considered just melting cheese on top of bacon but I felt like that was a cop-out. Plus, I felt like having a true sandwich experience.

I pulled out the avocado and thought I would just place the bacon and melted cheese in between two slices… but then I spied the zucchini, aha! I remembered a couple of years ago I had made some deliciously crispy zucchini fritters, why not make that the “bread”? This was kind of a process but totally worth it in the end. After cooking the bacon, I fried the zucchini batter in the bacon grease until it was nice and crisp. I then added the cheese and bacon and placed a lid overtop to melt the cheese. What a wonderful invention, I must say. I even got to eat it with my hands and it was crisp just like a piece of toast. Wow, you gotta try this out!!

Click here for the recipe

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