Pasta a l’orange with Blistered Tomatoes, Button Mushrooms and a Goat Cheese Cream Sauce

Ok ok, so it’s carrot pasta with veggies lol so kill me if I euphimized a little. I had to make the title sound as delicious as this dish tasted. Even though it looks remarkably well put together, it definitely started out on a shaky foot. Let me elaborate by first saying that a spiralizer was not made for carrots!! If there is some secret that I’m not getting, please inform me but it just wasn’t happening. Good thing my macGyver skills are in full force today because I improvised with using my *drumroll please* carrot peeler! Haha it was funny how perfectly this worked to make nice thin but sturdy noodles.
I decide to sautee the vegetables first in a nice flavoured olive oil and add the carrots last so they maintained a nice al dente texture. Then after taking the pasta out of the pan, I used some goat cheese and milk added to all the bits and pieces left in the pan to make a scrumptious cream sauce. Once that was done, I re-added the pasta, combined and voila! A delicious and guilt free dinner perfect for meal without the Vegetable Hater.

Click here for the recipe! 

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