Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 

SO, I just found out that quinoa is Paleo!! How enlightening! My sister actually told me and I didn’t believe her until I googled it. I always thought it was a grain and therefore a no-no but apparently, it is classified as a seed and therefore good to go, woohoo! This really opens up the door for side dishes and even mains… The opportunities are endless. Today, I made a nice cold quinoa salad for myself, to test it out before I serve it to the Vegetable Hater. I call it Mediterranean because I put in cucumber, red pepper, red onion and feta… seemed Greek to me. 

The end result was delicious, it reminds me a lot of couscous and lucky for me, the Vegetable Hater LOVES couscous, so it’s a win win situation for all. Is anyone else surprised that this is Paleo? Will anyone  prove me wrong? Because it seems to good to be true. Ah well, tastes good and that’s good enough for me! 


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