Slow-cooked Fresh Ham with a Pineapple Glaze

Since receiving my butchered whole pig, there has been one cut of meat in my freezer which had eluded me. That would be the ham roast. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know what a ham toast was, I had to google it! Turns out it is similar to a pork roast and NOTHING like a regular cooked ham that you would buy at the grocery store and simply roast to reheat. 

Since it was the same type of cut as a pork butt type roast, I decided to do what I know best; slow-cook! I got my crockpot out and created a very simple braising liquid and glaze with a pineapple and orange juice base. I added some complimentary flavours of brown sugar, honey and Dijon to add the sweetness that you expect when enjoying a ham. I also studded the whole roast with pineapple ring slices to keep the moisture in and to use as an accompaniment once I shredded the pork. 

Wow, I must say that it turned out deliciously moist, tender and flavourful! I topped the pork over a bed of roasted corn and peppers which added some much needed heat to this sweet dish. I can see this pork ending up in my Omlette tomorrow! Stay tuned… 😊


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