Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Guacamole

Omg, today I was craving a cheeseburger so badly that I almost went to McDonald’s. Almost lol. I instead decided to eat my healthy salad for lunch and to get the preparation underway for some epic homemade double cheeseburgers with guacamole, mmm! I like to use different meats when I make my burgers, so I combined spicy sausage and ground beef for a juicy and delectable blend. As usual, I added diced vidalia and green onions and threw some chopped garlic into the mix. Throw in a dash of hamburger seasoning and some Worcestershire sauce along with an egg and a handful of almond flour for binding and your done with the patties! 

The toppings are the part where you can get really creative! I decided to do bacon and guacamole; two of my most favourite things hahha! And then some tomato and lettuce to round it out, yum! Good thing I just had a salad for lunch. 😝


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