Reeses Milkshake

Ugh, don’t you hate when you get hungry or worse, a sweet craving around 3-4:00 in the afternoon? It’s that awkward time between lunch and dinner and so you don’t want to eat anything too filling or else you will be too full to prepare dinner and you will thoroughly upset your husband haha. Can’t have the Vegetable Hater responsible for cooking his own dinner or he will end up eating carbs on carbs and we can’t have that happen in this Paleo household!

But I digress, my sweet tooth was aching at that dreaded time today so I decided to make a shake. I was getting kind of sick of the same old fruit smoothie and I had a chocolate craving (so dangerous!) so I decided to conjure up a Reese’s inspired “milkshake” to fulfil this desire. I looked into my fridge and sadly, I was out of dark chocolate almond milk! Oh what a travesty! Actually, mine was a month expired but that’s not important haha. A simple fix was to add cocoa powder to my plain almond milk, problem solved! I then added a banana, some honey and some almond and macadamia butter and the result was so sweet and luxurious, I couldn’t believe it was Paleo! Oh how I love these recipes!! 😁 Let me know some of your favourite Paleo shakes!

Click here for the recipe!

2 thoughts on “Reeses Milkshake

  1. Tks BooBoo, that looks DELICIOUS!!! I’m starting to get tired of my smoothies so this will be my next undertaking. Too late for today though, I’m drinking my kale smoothie as I write this!

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