Crispy Zucchini Sticks with a Smoked Paprika Dipping Sauce

Do you ever miss the days of ordering a greasy but oh so fulfilling munchie platter at your favourite sports bar? I know I do but all of those greasy carbs are just not worth it, so I am on a mission to recreate these delicious party foods into something any Paleo believer would approve of! I will start with a take on a deep-fried pickle, mmmmm I just love the crunch of the breaking combined with the tangy and juicy pickle dunked in sour cream or some other type of dipping sauce. Since I always try to use seasonal ingredients, I decided to substitute the pickle for a fresh zucchini out of my parents garden! Less sodium this way as well.

The process for these yummy appetizers is pretty simple and you can make a pretty large batch of you wanted to bring these to a party. I decided to mix my almond flour “breading” with my all-time favourite Cajun spice in order to add a little extra heat. That heat is then consequently cooled down by dipping it into my two-ingredient smoked paprika mayo (can you guess the two ingredients?) hahha. You can make a variety of dipping sauces for these sticks, it can be sour cream or mayonnaise based. You know I’m a sucker for mayo!! Have you had any success recreating Paleo versions of fried foods?

Click here for the recipe!

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