Cauliflower Soup made with a Bacon Roux

On a rainy day, I can’t think of a more perfect lunch than a piping hot bowl of soup. The warmth is so comforting and the heartiness is filling and delicious! Today, the huge head of cauliflower staring at me every time I opened my fridge was my inspiration. However, I was immediately faced with a paleo predicament, I wanted a nice and thick soup but I can’t use flour as any other person would. I wondered if almond and/or coconut flour would do the trick and luckily, a combination of the two did!

I used both Paleo-friendly flours while making the bacon roux. It was quite easy and helped to round out the soup and make it more hearty. Of course the bacon flavour didn’t hurt either! Adding a few cloves of garlic completed the roux and when I added it to the soup base and tried it out, I was in heaven! It was just missing a smoky element that I was really craving today, so I reached into the spice cabinet and pulled out the smoked paprika. A few shakes of my favourite spice and I felt my creation was complete! You have to try this  one out for yourself! If you use a whole head of cauliflower, it makes a pretty big batch which bring us to another one of this soups awesome attributes: freezability! If that’s not a word, it is now! Haha! So a couple helpings for lunch and  the leftovers are into the freezer for the next rainy day! I’ve never been so exited for a rain day! ☔️😁

Click here for the recipe! 

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