Portobello Mushroom Breakfast Sandwich

I’m going to preface this post by saying make sure you look at the labels on the spices when you’re adding them to your recipes. I won’t go too much into detail but let’s just say that lemon pepper does not go well with eggs and portobello mushrooms 😜 LOL. Moving on… this morning I decided to get the barbecue fired up early so that I could try making my portobello mushroom breakfast sandwich. This isn’t the type of breakfast that you can grab and go, it does take a little bit of preparation. For example, you will need to marinate the portobello mushroom and you also need to preheat the grill, so maybe this would be easier as a weekend breakfast or brunch idea. The marinating of the Portabella doesn’t take too long I left it in the fridge with some oil, vinegar, salt and pepper for only about 10 minutes.
Once I put the mushroom on the grill, I started on the egg and chopping any vegetables that I want to add on top. It took about 10 minutes to grill the mushroom and then I just topped with my already prepared ingredients and some delicious crumbly goat cheese and it was ready to eat! You could also make two portobello mushrooms so it’s a completely closed sandwich but that would be a little too mushroomy for me, haha. I love how versatile portobellos are, you can pretty much replace bread from any other sandwich recipe for the mushrooms. What are your favourite Portabella recipes?

Click here for the recipe! 

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