Shredded Pork Meatloaf

Ahh leftovers, always leaving me with the quandary if I should repurpose or just re-serve the same meal as the day before. Today I decided to repurpose, mostly since I had accidentally taken out some ground beef as well and also because I like as much variety in my dining as possible! A few options came to mind with these two proteins; meatballs, burgers and then aha: meatloaf! A very simple preparation and not too long of a cooking time make this the perfect meal for a rainy night where I mostly feel like zoning out in front of the TV. 

I paired the meatloaf with a simple Caesar salad and topped the loaf with a homemade Bbq sauce. The texture of the meat was a little different than what I am used to as the shredded pork had a lot of moisture from the sauce. But it was definitely still a delicious dish which recieved the stamp of approval from Vegetable Hater. He even sliced off a piece and made it into a sandwich, a great option for the non-paleoers out there.  


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