Shredded Pork and Lime Crema

I have been craving an authentic shredded pork taco for ages now! I was reminiscing about our visits to Mexico when we would stumble into a local taco joint at 3am and would eat the most delicious and favourfull tacos, I thought it was about time I tried to reproduce it! Slow cooking the pork was the only way to go to get all of the Mexican flavours steeped into the meat. Another key step is blending the pepper sauce together and cooking it prior to adding it into the slow cooker with the meat. This ensures that all of the spices are released and at their pinnacle for ultimate tastebud gratification. Just a quick word of advice, when cooking down the pepper sauce, do not open the lid, stick your face in super close and breathe through your nose. This will burn and it will keep burning for a few hours! Hahahah the joys of cooking with spicy peppers! 🙂

The pork does pack a little heat so I made sure to add a cooling agent with the lime crema to cool the palette. I love the flavour of cilantro so I also added that as a garnish to complete the dish. Unfortunately, the only picture that I took was on corn tortillas but you can eat this mixture alone or you can place on a lettuce wrap to keep Paleo! Enjoy my friends!

Click here for the recipe!

One thought on “Shredded Pork and Lime Crema

  1. BooBoo…..that recipe is fantastic… should send it to Mike and Esme……you may put some of the taco vendors out of business!!!!


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