Black Cod with Sauteed Vegetables and Quineoa 

After the fresh and light tomato and goat cheese starter that I just enjoyed, I wanted to follow with something equally tasty and of course Paleo. After mulling over the various steak options, I decided I was more in the mood for a fish dish tonight. Asking about the catch of the day usually yields some promising results and tonight was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress announced that black cod was the special tonight. YUM! This buttery and mild filet was perfect for what I was craving tonight. It was sauteed first and then finished in the oven which made for a delectable taste and texture. Topping it with an avocado salsa punched it up with some brightness and really rounded it out. They also paired it with with some Quineoa which isn’t the most Paleo side but a few bites was forgivable and it tastes delicious! I feasted on the abundance of sauteed vegetables which were seasoned perfectly and after both my starter an my main, I was satiated but did not over do it, always a great feeling! 


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