Crunchy Cajun Chicken Nuggets

Today I heard some comments concerning a sale at a popular fast food restaurant where ten chicken nuggets were selling for $1.49. While a coworker was raving about this amazing deal, I noticed a friend on social media mention how we should be concerned with how they can afford to sell them at that price. It’s true! He had a good point, it seems like a price that low cannot have a product which is the best quality!

With chicken nuggets on my mind and with the Vegetable Hater informing me that he had taken out chicken breasts for dinner, it was a no brainer; I was going to make great quality, delicious and paleo nuggets! While it took more effort than simply stopping at a drive through, the results were worth it! Nothing beats the taste of a homemade meal, especially when you are completely aware of the 6 ingredients that it encompasses. I like my chicken with some heat so I mixed the almond flour with my favourite Cajun spice blend. I also like a little sweet with my heat so I added some shredded coconut into the mix. Yum! Try it out and let me know if you come across any tasty variations!



Click here for the recipe!

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