Slow Simmer Stovetop Beef Stew

Another freezing day here in Canada and the weather was just beckoning me to create something to warm the body and soul! I can’t think of any other meal which is more suited than beef stew. Unfortunately, my prep skills were somewhat lacking today and even though I worked from home, I didn’t get around to starting this meal until 3:30. Usually, I like to throw my ingredients into a slow-cooker when I’m making stew but obviously today that wouldn’t work. So instead, I decided to cook it on the stove top and I didn’t even sear the meat beforehand. I know, I know, a cardinal sin of stew making but I was very pleasantly surprised with how tender and tasty the beef turned out.

Along with this beef, I used the vegetables that I had on hand; onions, celery, carrots and sweet potatoes. It was the perfect combination, the good thing about stews is you can basically add any ingredient and it will turn out. Which is a good thing because I faced another planning dilemma when I peered into my pantry and saw copious amounts of chicken broth but only two cans of beef broth. I needed at least four cans total in order to make enough stew (for lunch leftovers of course) so I did the unthinkable, I added chicken stock! That’s right, two cans beef and two cans chicken and guess what? I will now make this my standard recipe as the taste was formidable! So much flavour, just make sure not to add any additional salt if your broth already includes it. This dish is filling enough that no sides are necessary but you know I had to add some cheesy garlic bread for the vegetable hater! No need for that my Paleo friends, there are enough veggies and protein in the beef and it tastes just fantastic on its own!



Click here for the recipe!

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