Maple Glazed Pork Belly

If you love bacon, chances are you will feel the same way about pork belly. It is a fattier cut of meat as it is taken from the belly of the pig and it’s usually slow-cooked to ensure that all the fattiest areas are cooked off. Last night we went out for my birthday dinner and it looked like the table d’hote was created just for me! I was so happy to see pork belly because it isn’t often that I see it on a menu. Three out of four people at my table followed suit and not one of us was disappointed. We even acted as pork belly ambassadors to a table of elderly women who were contemplating trying this for the first time; they were equally impressed. This luscious strip of pork was glazed with maple syrup which, on its own, would probably be too rich and sweet. However, the chef added a side of picked red onions and some cucumber which really helped to cut the fattiness and also to add a nice acidity to the dish. What a great way to start my birthday meal!


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