Chicken Sausage Stirfry

I am sick of red meat! Would you believe that I, a devout Paleo enthusiast would ever utter these words? It is all the fault of my activities last weekend, I went to the New York City Wine and Food Festival. I have never consumed so much food in one weekend and trust me, it was extremely protein-heavy. It started on Friday night with the Burger Bash where I must have eaten at least 15 different varieties of burgers! They were all so delicious I just could not stop myself when I knew very well that I was physically stuffed. That alone would have been enough to turn myself vegetarian for a week but no, I had to push the limits even more and attend the exclusive Meatopia event. This consisted of dozens of different cuts and types of meat, including a roasted 1,000 pound steer! Needless to say, when I got home on Monday I swore to myself that I would not let any more red meat enter this body for a whole week. So far so good! Yesterday, at Vegetable Haters request (amazingly) I prepared a very light and fresh chicken salad. Now tonight, I made an extremely vegetable-heavy chicken sausage Stirfry. Very nutritious AND delicious with a hint of heat from the spicy sausage and a nice teriyaki tang from the sauce. I am still feeling very aversive to red meat but I hope this passes soon, I just don’t feel like the same Paleo Princess! IMG_2163.JPG

Click here for the recipe!

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