Grilled Rump Steak with Traditional Vegetable Relish, Chestnut-Onion Farofa and Grilled Banana

A taste of Brazil! Last week I took a business trip down to São Paulo for the annual Latin American Business Aviation Conference. You would think that I would have countless posts of the delicious food that I enjoyed while there but unfortunately this will be the only one (aside from the previous posts regarding in-flight dining). Disappointing, I know but I couldn’t bring myself to taking food photos while dining with clients, not the most professional thing to do! Anyways, this meal was from the one night that I ate at the renowned hotel restaurant. There were so many delicious dishes to choose from but I finally decided on this one, mainly because the title made me giggle like a school girl for like 5 minutes, hahahhaah.

I can honestly say that this was the best seasoned steak that I have EVER tasted! That is saying a lot, especially since my Dad still calls me the steak connoisseur as I have been devouring steak all over the world since I was a young child. Most of the time, these brilliant cuts of meat have required a sauce of some sort to bring out the flavour but not in the case of this rump! The topping was solely a vegetable relish, the tender and juicy meat was able to speak for itself and if there would have been a sauce, I feel it would have majorly diminished the taste of the dish.

I could have done without the banana but it was a preparation that I have never tried before so I welcomed the couple of bites that I took. I’m a big believer in trying everything once or else I feel I will regret it. Speaking of regret, I really wish I would have spoken to the chef after and gotten his secrets for this mouth watering steak but I guess sometimes the best dishes leave a little bit to the imagination. I can foresee the countless hours I will spend in my kitchen trying to recreate this…


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