Pappi’s Fried Tomatoes

Ahhhh sweet vacation! Or shall I say, family-moon? That’s right, your Paleo Princess has gotten married to the one and only Vegetable Hater. Sorry about my lack of posts recently, I have been a little preoccupied šŸ˜ Now that the wedding and celebrations are all over with, we are having my parents and brother and sister-in-law stay over at our place for a few days, hence the term family moon.

Of course my Pappi couldn’t let his Princess cook while he is in the house, so I have gotten treated this morning to a delicious breakfast! Eggs, bacon and my favourite: fried tomatoes! They are so good for you especially when you use them to replace the sugary chemically ketchup. The best part is that he cooks it in the bacon grease, mmmmm maple bacon and he also seasons is with Montreal steak spice, dill and parsley! I have to go, it smells too good to wait any longer!!!


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