Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps with Pickled Vegetables

Slow-cooker Sundays always yield delicious and low maintenance meals. That is exactly what I needed today, especially since I stayed up until 4 am last night and I would like to do as little as possible. The morning preparation required minimal effort which included seasoning the pork, throwing it in the slow cooker and then pouring liquids overtop to ensure it will be most and flavorful. I set the timer for 8 hours and went about my day.

After numerous hours lounging in the sun with my English bulldog Loulou, the timer went off. The next and final step was to take the pork out, shred it and add some more barbecue sauce. Once it was all mixed, I sliced some pickled vegetables that I definitely did not make from scratch (not today anyways!) and I placed them atop the pulled pork encased in a romaine lettuce heart. The combination of the sweet and luscious pulled pork was complimented perfectly with the spicy and crisp pickled vegetables. You already know that vegetable hater chose to have his sandwiched in *gasp* real bread buns but he did venture out and try a bite of my lettuce concoction and actually said it tasted great! Hallelujah! Maybe next time he will nix the bread all together. A Paleo Princess can only dream…


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