Teriyaki Glazed Pork Chops with an Asian Citrus Salad

Finally, a home cooked meal from last week! I felt so guilty for all of the dining out so I told vegetable hater that I would cook whatever he wanted for dinner that night. He said that one of his friends had mentioned how tasty it was to add mandarins into salads and he wanted to try that. That was an easy request, since one of my favorite recipes from my mother is her Asian Citrus Salad. Well, there were a few tweaks that I had to make to paleoize it for myself which is the crunchy element brought in by adding Asian noodles. I kept this in for vegetable haters dish but I went without. I felt like the perfect accompaniment to this salad would be a tangy teriyaki pork chop. Using another one of my mammas recipes (thanks mom!) I marinated the pork chops for about half an hour and then cooked them on the cast iron skillet. Vegetable hater was very impressed with both the pork chops and the salad. The best part? Slicing up the leftover pork and topping the salad with it for lunch the next day! A tantalizing combination to brighten my work day 😁



Click here for the recipe for the Teriyaki Glazed Pork Chop!

Click here for the recipe for the Asian Citrus Salad!

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