Easter Dinner

I know many people use the excuse of holidays to ditch their healthy eating practices and gorge on foods they wouldn’t eat otherwise. While I agree that sometimes it’s fine to treat yourself, I wouldn’t recommend piling mashed potatoes and stuffing onto your plate! First of all, if you are normally pretty strict about Paleo, you will probably feel sick after. Also, I feel that Paleo isn’t as much as a diet per se but it is more of a lifestyle that you grow accustomed to and adhere to because it makes you feel great! So one shouldn’t look at those potatoes and feel like they are being restricted. Instead, one should know that they made a conscious decision and that certain foods simply aren’t a part of their regimen anymore. That’s how I feel during the holidays and I can always make it work with whatever foods are available. My inlaws Easter brunch is a perfect example, look at all the great Paleo-friendly food that was available! I definitely didn’t go hungry 😁


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