Paleo Fish and Chips

Well today is Good Friday and that means no meat for us! It’s a good thing that I got my protein fix last night with that bacon-wrapped meatloaf, eating a little lighter today is a pretty welcome occasion. Traditionally, on Good Friday we eat fish and chips… we still wanted those flavors but had to decide how to prepare it in the most Paleo method possible. The chips were easy, we make sweet potato fries at least a few times a month! It was the fish that stumped me for a moment. I felt like something with a breaded texture so I decided to bring out the almond flour and try the same technique that I did with the chicken strips a while back. I mixed the almond meal with Cajun spice (my favourite) and “breaded” the fish after a good egg wash. Let me tell you, it was fantastic!! I know I will be cooking this fish more often , actually, vegetable hater cooked it but he made sure to use real panko bread crumbs for his. I made him try mine though and he said that he could barely taste the difference between the two, that’s a good sign! 😁 Now to resist the temptation of chocolate and candies this Easter weekend, happy holidays!


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