Herb-crusted Eye of Round Roast

Ahh the Sunday meal, this is what sets the tone for the whole week. I love tackling something that would ordinarily be impossible during the week because of time constraints. This morning when I looked in the fridge, I decided that it would be an eye of round roast! This is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat, I think it was about $15 for a 3 pounder which is a lot more affordable than a prime rib. You may ask, isn’t this cut tough? Well I am never one to sacrifice taste for a good deal, I love food FAR too much! The trick with this eye of round, is too cook it at a high temperature for a short period of time and then to turn off the oven and cook it in the ambient heat. Wait, wait… Don’t call me crazy yet, just try it! The one I cooked tonight was a little smaller than I’m used to so it cooked a little over the temperature that I like. Still delicious though!! Let me know how this works for you! What are your favourite cuts to make a roast?



Click here for the recipe!

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