I decided that it’s been too long since we have had a potluck at work so I decided to go ahead and plan one! Although, I wanted this one to be different in some way and I didn’t want everyone bringing the same thing that they do every potluck (I am guilty of this too *ahem* devilled eggs). I brought forth the idea of an International Potluck to my team and they loved it! Also, we decided to have this event on Valentines Day so we named it the International Potluck D’amour, perfect! I decided to go with my Polish roots and make something called Patychky. This was the first time I have made it and I definitely was not ready for the process that it entailed. When I told my Mother I was going to make it she said, “are you sure? It takes like three days”. Well, that might have stopped me if I hadn’t already promised Patychky to my coworkers! There was no turning back now. Like I mentioned, its  a three day process but the first day is just defrosting, the second is marinating and the third is assembling and cooking (three hours for this step alone). Needless to say, it was a labor of love and everyone at work LOVED it 🙂 The ones that I made for my coworkers were double-breaded with actual breadcrumbs but this can easily be substituted with almond flour.

2014 02 13 Potluck patychki


Click here for recipe!

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