The Ultimate Burger


Burgers and pizza were definitely two of my favourite foods previous to trying out this whole Paleo thing. A few posts ago, you can see my experiment with the Meatza, which worked pretty well (sans the fire alarm but were not talking about that right now.) Well, easier than that whole ordeal is grilling a burger! Its also great because sometimes, when I get a fast food craving, I will go and order a burger without the bun and even though they usually look at me like I’m some sort of nut, it fulfils the cravings.

Cooking a burger at home is obviously a way better option since you can control the ingredients and prepare it in the most Paleo fashion possible. For me, that means a home-made patty with lots of onions and garlic chopped up in it and almond flour as a binder. I also have some cheese on there because cheeseburgers are way better than hamburgers, duh! Top that with your favourite veggies, condiments (like home-made guacamole) and some bacon and you’re all set! The best part of a burger is that you can put whatever you want on it and its pretty much guaranteed to taste wonderful! That is, except for a bun! What are your favourite ways to dress a burger?

2013 05 28 Burger

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