Honey Lemon Tea


I am lucky enough to work in a building that has a Tim Hortons on the first floor. It is just sometimes unfortunate the way that the employees will label the tea. No, I was not drinking some type of illegal concoction to get me through the day. It just so happens that the French abbreviation of Honey-lemon tea is Miel Et Thé de Miel (the M looks like a H though). This gave my co-workers a nice little chuckle on a Thursday morning.

Speaking of tea, this is the only thing I drink besides water and the occasional alcoholic beverage. I know Paleo means no alcohol but who are we kidding here, that’s never going to happen! I enjoy my champagne and rum (not at the same time) too much to ever give it up. Drinking this tea throughout the day really helps keep myself satiated and my water intake up. What are your favourite drinks?

2013 05 09 tea

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